Global warming

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Global warming

“Global warming is the extraordinary increase of Earth surface temperature due to the increase of greenhouse gases concentration on the atmosphere.”

“Greenhouse gases are the heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and CFC). They are fundamental part of the greenhouse effect, the role played by the atmosphere to continually warm the earth, by tapping some portions of heat that comes from the solar energy (sun radiation) from reflecting back to space –just like the works of a greenhouse.

Cause of global warming

  • Rapid use of fossil fuel
  • Rapid use of fossil fuel will emit large amount of greenhouse gases. Especially carbon dioxide.
  • Deforestation or clearing of lands.

Sign of global warming

  • The receding of ice formation on Earth (snows at mountain-tops, glaciers, and Antarctic and Artic.
  • The increase of shrubbery in Arctic.
  • Thinner clouds over the sky, that decrease the ability to reflect heat…

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